Beginner Programs For Any Age.

Guitar Program    

The guitar course will takes students through the fundamentals of music and have them playing some of their favorite songs in no time. We combine sight reading practice with ear training  by learning songs from course books as well as learning the students favorite songs. Students will learn on either acoustic or electric guitar.

Ukulele Program    

The Ukulele course will take students from the beginning stages of music theory to the place where they can understand how to read music and even figure out songs by ear. Notes and chords are covered as well as the theory behind them, all laid out in a fun way that all students will enjoy.

 Bass Guitar Program    

The Bass Guitar course will lead students from the first stages of practical theory as well as sight reading to begin with then taking the student to a place where they can play their favourite songs.

  Keyboard Program   

The Keyboard Program is one of the best ways to start into music. Keyboards are laid out in a way that is easy to understand and works well with modern technology. Our course takes the student from the early part of music theory and sight reading to a level that will let them figure out songs on their own. The course uses certain textbooks as well as the students interests to provide an exciting learning process.

  Drum/Percussion Program   

The Drum program will take the beginning drummer from the first rudiments and rhythm studies to begin able to play along with the students favourite songs. All while keeping a fun and exciting atmosphere.